Interview: Peter Jones of Tiger Moth Tales

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One of the first albums I reviewed this year was Peter Jones‘ album Cocoon, released under the name Tiger Moth Tales. The day before this audio interview is published online, he release his second album, Story Tellers Part One.

In the interview, Peter briefly (re)introduces himself, telling how he was playing in bands and plays when growing up, and starting 2 To Go with his friend Emma Paine. They played clubs and pubs, which they still do sometimes.

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After releasing a solo album with ‘contemporary adult music’, Peter started writing down ideas he had, which eventually led to the album Cocoon. This album has been quite successful given the niche it was released in 6 months ago, and in the interview Peter tells a bit more about how it came into being and what happened afterwards.

After that, he explains how the quick and largely unplanned successor Story Tellers Part One came to the play, which is quite a surprising story in itself – as story teller Peter will let you hear.

To close it off, we talked about future plans, like new albums, the possibility of touring and a cooperation Peter has with English instrumental prog band Red Bazar.

The audio recording of the interview is included below for streaming, a full written transcript of the interview will appear on Background Magazine within the next few weeks.


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