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Entity is an Italian band, founded as far back as 1994. After several years of performing live and going through a few line up changes, the band finally released their debut album Il Falso Centro. The album tells the story of someone going through an identity crisis, based on poems by Yuri Deriu. An interesting idea, and worked out in a surprising way, given that the album is largely instrumental.


In being instrumental, the bass and keyboards of band founders Gigo Lungo and Mauro Mulas dictate the music to a large extend, as with other Italian bands like Le Orme and Banco del Mutuo Soccorso. The opening track Davanti alla Specchio is the best example of that, with the main part of the song being piano and bass only. The other instruments only join in to create a bridge to the following track Il Desiderio, which has a jazzy bass line and interesting dialog between the guitar and keyboards.

On Il Tempo, keyboards and strings are the main element, with a metallic guitar riff in the choruses. It is a melancholic track, with a nice piano part at the end. This is a perfect intro for Trip Dell’Ego, which is a full blown progressive rock song. Piano parts, guitar and bass dialogs, and a symphonic eruption of the keyboards lead to a sung poem of Yuri Deriu. This one needs a few listens to sink in, but it is very well composed.

The next two tracks, ANT, and L’Armatura, are the heaviest of the album. L’Armatura is a 12 minute epic with metal influences and emotional vocals. To cool off after that, the band included the six minute piano piece La Notta Oscura Dell’anima.

This album is almost a 21st century tribute to older Italian symphonic rock bands. Keyboards are in the lead, but never overpower the music – and although there are references to the 30 year old Italian prog in there, it never sounds out dated or old fashioned. 

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