Track of the Day: Rush – The Spirit of Radio

Yes, Angelo’s Rock Orphanage is about shining a light on the little ones, but like most of us, I also love my share of the ‘big ones’. To spread the load a bit, I’ve decided to use the Track-of-the-Day in the weekends to show a little bit of my personal favourites. No use promoting little ones then, as everyone will be in the pub anyway.


First one is a love-it-or-hate-it track amongst Rush fans, Spirit of Radio. For some it is to radio oriented and commercial, for others, like me, it’s just another brilliantly executed Rush-composition. In this case, one that fits very nicely with shining a light on the little ones: all these unknown, hard working rock bands deserve more air time and internet time!!!!

Enjoy, in the spirit of radio!

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