Night of the Prog @ Loreley, 17-19 July 2015

NOTE: This article is outdated – see here for the final program of NoTP.

Tonight I bought my 3 day ticket for Night of the Prog festival at Loreley Amfitheater in Germany. I’ve been wanting to see that place ever since I saw the video of Marillion Live at Loreley. Being a Fish-era Marillion fan, what better year to pick than the year that Fish will be there, apparently doing a live performance of the full Misplaced Childhood album?

That, and a line up that includes Camel, Pendragon, Beardfish, Kaipa (DaCapo) and Haken, it’s going to be a perfect prog weekend.

I’ll be at the camp site and all three festival days – let me know if you’re going as well, it’s always fun to meet new people (or go to a concert with people you know from the past).


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