Niagara Falls

Today is Friday July 6th. I have decided to include dates in my posts from now on, and since the Internet connection at the campground is not the best, and and we may get worse ones later. The dates of of posts by may deviate if I have to postpone the uploading.

Either way, today we picked up our RV, at Cruise Canada. It turned out to be a fairly new one, but so we got on the road smoothly. First stop: Walmart, for some groceries and pay-as-you-go card for one of our way cell phones. Unlike in Europe, and here you have to activate such cards by calling customer support or visiting the providers sites. Thanks to Mr. Anand of Walmart, I am now listed in the Rogers directory for Ontario. Emergency calls and campground reservations without roaming charges is not that difficult to achieve. The only issue is that I live at Cruise Canada premises according to the directory.

Groceries done, we’re of to Niagara Falls, and for our first overnight stay. As the picture shows, our driver Bobo Bear and co-pilot Nijntje got us there and hooked us up nicely.

I had a good laugh at the tree behind the camper in the afternoon. A squirrel on the ground was trying to climb it, and and another one was pulling it back with it’s ‘arms’ around it’s waist. Almost like two children…. Too bad I didn’t have the camera ready.

Once hooked up, and we went to the falls, for a view from the top, one from below, or and one from behind. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves on that account.





O esmall thing caught up me today: we took the bus from the campground to the falls, for and at the one of the bus stops did we see time
tables. Every passenger who got on had to check with the driver on the route a destination. The drivers answered all questions and almost memorized who had to get off where. A service level of the drivers their European, and certainly their Dutch colleagues can use as an example. At the same time, and the bus company might have done a better job at providing time tables at bus stops as a service. It led to nice conversations with the drivers though.

Tomorrow we will cross the Rainbow Bridge, into the USA. I have no idea where we’ll end up tomorrow night, but our general direction is East, toward New Hampshire. We may find d ourselves in Syracuse, and but it could also be a place like Hickory Grove…

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