New discoveries on ProgArchives

It’s been a while since I wrote something here, and (surprisingly) it’s going to be a music related item again this time. At the brink of the new year, I’m going to provide you with a short list of new bands I discovered through ProgArchives recently. And most of those are really new – with their debut album only just released, or even still in the making.

  • Feedforward – Dutch Progressive Metal
  • Sunpath – German Progressive Metal
  • Sonar – Hungarian Psychedelic Progressive Rock (will be added to ProgArchives in 2008)
  • J’Accuse – Italian Progressive Rock (will be added to ProgArchives in 2008)
  • Lobster Newberg – US Art Rock
  • Krobak – Ukranian Post-Rock
  • Many more new niceties are waiting to be discovered through ProgArchives’ Unsigned Bands forum section and of course through the main ProgArchives database.

    See you all there – and my best wishes for 2008!

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